Thursday, May 22, 2008


Maybe it's the fact that in the few weeks I've watched Land of the Dead, The Mist, Cloverfield, 28 Weeks Later and other such Zombie/monster flicks, but yesterday I was in a train car on the top part of the car at the top of the stairs, waiting to get out at Central station and there were literally 30 people jammed in like sardines between me and the door, plus more outside on the platform jamming to get in. I felt a small shimmer of panic in thinking that, if in an emergency, I'd have to get through all those people to get out.

Brrr. I'm not claustrophobic, but still. Brrr.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Notice

Tanja and I have been doing some serious thinking and talking and we've only come to one conclusion:

The wedding's off.

Not the relationship, not the intent, and not the love, none of that, before you worry. The event that is the wedding is off. Tanja and I have been looking over our plans and they kept changing and slimming down and in the end all we were left with was compromises. And then there's the financial end of things. Even with all the compromises that we had made, this wedding would have still been a hugely expensive day for us, and we weren't even getting what we had originally wanted. It just seemed so much for stuff that wasn't really for us, you know? We still want to get married, don't get us wrong, but we'd be looking more at a civil ceremony and that we can do anytime. We've been kind of having this same conversation every week or so for the last few months.

Monday, May 19, 2008


Joss Whedon's new show. Could be interesting. Could just be Cleopatra 2525-esque. And hey look! Eliza Dushku.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Friday Off

dDue to my ATLing this week, I have to work a Saturday and have Friday off. It's been ages since I had a weekday free that wasn't annual leave or a sick day.

I went into the city and got a new cover for my iPod. I had bought one before, but apparently the new 80 gig Pods are thinner than the old ones. So I had to get a silicone case that could stretch.

Got an interview next week with this place. Looks promising.

Watching the Rifftrax version of Eragon. It's silly.

Went to see the David Hylton Band play at the Sando last night and took a buttload of pictures. He won't be short of Myspace pics for a while. I also slightly overimbibed. Well, I don't think I did, but my head this morning seems to think so.

I also dragged my laptop into the CBD looking for Wireless networks that all the cool kids are talking about. All I could find was the Tesltra Hotspot one. I ain't paying for Internetz!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ladies and Gents,

I present my girl! The only person I know who can take a mental health day feeling completely fine...

...and then be sick with chills and fever by 5 pm.

And then have to take a legitimate day off.

I say hubris.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Musings on the final Seinfeld.

Having picked up the last series of Seinfeld recently, I had a chance to view the finale for the first time since it originally aired. Upon this re-viewing, I noticed two points which had escaped me when I first saw it. I call them "It's all been done" and "What were we doing?"

Point the first: It's All Been Done.
In the opening scene, George and Jerry are in the coffee shop, and George is complaining that the waitress is inattentive. He would like more ketchup. "They seat you, and then they're gone. Adios!" he explains "It's like seeing someone and having them never call again." Jerry then suggests he ask the people behind him for their ketchup. George does so. The couple behind him have a very George-and-Jerry-like conversation about how they dislike passing condiments and how "they'll use it sporadically, so they'd rather not." George is angry, but Jerry distracts him by asking if he wants to see a movie. George then begins to rant about how it's always the same, and that he's seen it before. While Jerry protests that he hasn't seen this movie before, George rants on saying it's always the same: you go in, sit down, eat your popcorn, and then it's over. The couple behind him then get up to leave, and offer George the ketchup bottle. George accepts it, but when he goes to use it, it's empty.

I realised that this scene is a microcosm for why Jerry, and co. didn't want to continue working on the series. Observe. In the scene, the waitress is the viewing public. When the show was new and fresh, they were there. Now that it's a staple, people have accepted it and moved on. The ketchup is key: it symbolises the laughter and attention from the viewing public. The couple, who have the ketchup, represent the dozens of other shows using the Seinfeld formula (unrepentant singles, sitting around talking about themselves), even if they use it sporadically (like Friends) or constantly (Mad About You). By doing so, however, they get the attention of the public as the new It Show. Jerry asking George to go to a movie (a common plot thread throughout the series as a way of getting the characters out) is Jerry (in his guise as the writers/cast stuck in a rut, and the network wanting the same old thing) asking to rehash the same thing yet again, and George rejects it, becoming both the public wanting fresh ideas and the writers not wanting to write stock. Then as the couple/new shows leave/are cancelled, they offer the ketchup/viewership back to Seinfeld, and it's empty. People are tired of the rehash, so they get sick of the original. Once the new couple/show leaves, the regulars are still there, eating the same sandwiches in the same booth.

(I think that makes sense. It made sense in my head.)

Point the second (and the shorter): What Were We Doing?
The whole point of the trial in the second act was the writers and cast turning a mirror into exactly what has become this nationwide sensation and template for damn near all future sitcoms. People will discuss the show amongst themselves, say how great it was when Jerry was callous to a new girlfriend, or George tried to cut a corner, or Elaine talked herself into a corner, or Kramer did something without considering the consequences. The things being held up as hilarious and amazing are things that, had they happened to us in life, we'd be appalled by. Think of it as Passion of the Christ-lite: This Is What You've Been Worshipping.

(That being said, I still love the show, and felt this was a strong season, and look forward to seeing more on DVD.)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nerd Alert!

So I was awoken this morning by anger from Tanja. You see, we've been going to the gym for two weeks as of today, and instead of losing piles and piles of weight as she expected, she's actually gained a fifth of a kilo. I tried to explain that I to hadn't lost much, but we've just started.... then gave up and went back to sleep. When I woke up again, it was still going on. I got up, had my coffee and joined in the debate. After a while, I made a passing comment about Tanja taking on a Godzilla vibe. This was met with a deadly silence. Then:

T: "So I'm a big, fat, green, scaly LIZARD?"
L: "No, come on! Godzilla's all muscle!... Except the tail."
T: "Oh, come on, the tail would be the most muscular bit!"
L: "And city-stomping burns lots of calories. Full body workout."
T: "Yeah, it would be..."
L: "And fire-breath is fuelled by fat."
T: "Hmmm...."

Tanja was then interrupted when I launched myself at her, hugging her and laughing.

T: "What?"
L: "I'M SO PROUD! We're having a discussion about Godzilla's body-make-up and exercise routine. YOU NERD! I'm so proud!"



[-]Saw Iron Man. Loved it loved it. Missed the scene after the credits, though. And La Premiere is the only way to see it.

[-]New TV delivered! After a lamentable purchase of cheap coaxial cable, got a good one and can now get all channels (including HD and digital ones). Have so far watched Hot Fuzz, Stardust, Lord of the Rings and *sigh* The Devil Wears Prada.

[-]Played drums for the first time in weeks on Saturday. Wrist held up, but started to hurt once I stopped. Played D&D briefly as well. Don't feel I was very productive in either arena (35 minutes of drumming and killing one wolf in D&D in an hour and 45 minutes).

[-]Got a good book of comic strips called Roasted by Andy Riley, a former Black Books writer. Very good. Dooga, there's one guy who IS you.

[-]Got a Crumpler backpack today. It also has a removable laptop sleeve which fits my laptop. So one-the-go gaming. Now only if I can get a battery that lasts more than 20 minutes.

[-]Aiming to get 30 Rock Season 1 this week. I was going to pick it up today, but it was $50 at Hum, and I know I can get it at EzyDVD for 34.95. Patience.