Thursday, March 29, 2007

Facing the Book

I've gotten onto Facebook recently (think a cross between MySpace and those websites, without the wankiness of the former and the stalking of the latter). I started going there as I was invited by three of my university friends who I haven't heard from in 5 years. So I go, and there's nostalgia, and horrible old photos, and it's fun. Then I start looking up high school people. That's an unexpected surprise as I recieve happy remembrances from people who I figured wouldn't know me from Adam. It's all great. Then I spot someone from high school. A past flame, as it were. A first flame, if you take my meaning. We weren't "flames" for very long, and stayed friends for quite a bit after. So I send her a message to add her to my Friends list. And she accepts. No biggie. Now comes the interesting bit.
Once someone is your friend, on your main page you can see all the activities your friends have made in the past 24 hours. It's usually trivial. "So-and-so has added Stone Temple Pilots to her musical tastes" and "whatshisface is back at home", etc etc. Well, the day after adding this flame person, I log on and see two activities (which came about ten minutes aftershe accepted the Friend invitation) which confused and then oddly enough, make me angry.
"This Person (no names, please) has changed her Status to 'In A Relationship'"
"This Person has changed her photo" (to one with a guy in the picture, from her previous, which was her and her girlfriends out at a birthday party.)
What the fuck? I really don't give a shit, but am I some drooling stalker over here? (sorry to channel Christopher Moltisanti, but it had to be done)
My response is to roll my eyes, and go tell my Tanja that I love her, but she's at work. a Text will have to do.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

So, yeah.

So I got a birthday parcel from me ma today. I know what you're thinking, my birth was not until the 28th of the month, but me ma seems to have gotten with the postal program after our Christmas-in-early-March-debacle. So I opened it early. Now, Mom has this thing where she likes me to call when I get stuff, so she can hear me open it. I don't get why, but the one time I didn't olbige before caused heartbreak and gnashing of teeth. But I didn't call her today. Because then I'd be busted for opening it early. So I'm going to call her on my birthday. And say i've kept it and am opening it then.
Little white lies, come back to haunt you.... [/Sammy Hagar]

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fruit Art

Hey hey.

Ok, HouseWarmAid happened. Much smalled turnout than I expected and quite a few of the "confirmed coming for sure" people didn't show up or call or anything. I'll make with the frosty stare thing when I get back to work. An up-note was the oddest housewarming gift I've ever recieved, from Mel and Shae (as always, Blurty people please go to Blogger):

A Domo-Watermelon. I'm afraid to eat it.

Also, Tanja and I were watching 20 to 1 Best Videos (Tanja was ever so pleased that A-Ha's Take On Me made #8), and saw that a Peter Gabriel vid with a ton of Stop Motion animation made first place. As if! So, while she was off having a shower, I whipped up this little moment to show that no, he doesn't deserve his #1 spot (click to open... may take a second):