Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I feel weird. I blame the weird-feeling on my screwing-up of my normal routine. I woke up, had cereal, went to the gym, then came back, had juice and two cups of coffee (I usually have juice and coffee with my cereal, THEN go to the gym). So now I'm shaky, my head is pounding and I'm dizzy. I was taking a shower, trying to clear my head, but all I could think about were random geeky and obscure references I could put on t-shirts. The first one?


[Silhouette of man's head with long curly hair] = [silhouette of shapely female form]

(taking off on the line from the Wog Boy about "having the curls to get the girls.")


Then I started thinking about Roadhouse and the ideas exploded:


·         [Silhouette of a man in blue with his right foot illuminated in red, possibly with a cutaway showing the razor in the toe of his boot]. On the back: RIGHT BOOT.

·         PAIN  ≠ HURT

·         Two separate Euler circles, not intersecting, one marked "MY WAY" the other marked "HIGHWAY".

and finally



If and when I make these, I'll have to send a bunch to the Rifftrax crew.


Tanja has just brought me a turkey, red kraut & cranberry sandwich, so I must eat. Hopefully I'll feel better.

Windows Live: Keep your friends up to date with what you do online.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

More good deeds.

Playing inFamous again, I was killing time and roaming the city, avoiding a story mission that was frustrating me. I wandered into a part of the city I had previously passed and heard shots. Thinking this to be an enemy encounter, I ran over. Now, in the game, you can run police missions that gain you territory and reestablish police presence in the city (which then help you attack enemies when nearby). The city also has defensive machine gun turrets at certain spots. The shots I heard were coming from one of these turrets being manned by a cop. He was shooting at nothing, so I figured it was either a glitch, or there was an enemy on the other side of a building he was aiming at. So I healed a few people that had got in his way and went to leave. That's when I noticed that the cop was purposefully aiming at the pedestrians, mowing them down. I continued healing. The cop began to target me. I avoided the gunfire, but was nearly killed. I decided "Okay, that's enough." I got behind the turret and knocked the cop down with a kick. He got back up and ran back to the turret, resuming his shooting spree. I eventually had to stick a grenade to the turret, killing the cop.

This gained me negative Karma, if you can believe it.

But wow. An NPC cop in a ruined city, having a mental breakdown and shooting civilians?

That's too heavy for my Sunday morning.