Thursday, March 23, 2006

Oh, and another thing.

Fancy new clothes! Tanja got me two shirts and a fancy pair of jeans from Fcuk. Very posh. In order that I wouldn't step all over the backs of the jeans, I finally bought the pair of 8-hole Doc Marten's I've been ogling. Like a moron, I wore them to work on Sunday. Shredded feet. Hobbled around. Waited two days, let me feet heal, and wore them again with two pairs of socks. I was fine all day until i had to run up a flight of stairs to get to the train. Shredded heels again. I'm still happy with them, though. Heh.

"I was happier then, with no mindset..."

(The title has bugger all to do with my mood, it's just a line I like from a song I'm listening to at the moment)

We finally got a new music guy at work. We hired him last week, but he didn't show up for his first few days. It seems my direct boss Worth neglected to call him to tell him when he was supposed to start. Well done, Worth. Dumbass. Oh, and guess what the blighter's name is. Two guesses, but you'll only need one. Lucas. Yes. So now I'm "Lucas B" or in Tanja's case when she calls in, "Lucas from Canada". Just rolls off the tongue.

Oh, and to people in the area, I'm planning a dinner/night at the pub next Saturday (the 1st) for my birthday. Plan at the moment is to meet up here for an early dinner (this has been decreed a wine only event in order to ensure that we actually GET to the pub) and then off to the Rose in Erskineville. Sound good?

As for other birthday stuff, Tanja and I are going to see comedian Charlie Pickering at the @Newtown venue. I've not heard of him before. Does anyone know if he's any good?

Also, if to beleaguer an open-ended paragraph structure, I’ve begun properly reading Robert Rankin, and I’m really getting to enjoy his books (despite not liking “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse” as I was unfamiliar with his style). Any of our English brethren know of/read him?

This is too much fun:
It's like Buster the Dummy from Mythbusters!

I need a haircut soon. I'm starting to look like an exhibit from The Golden Age of Muttonchops.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Long time-y no update-y

Olympics over. Tanja and I went to Noosa. Ate much, got rained on a lot. Bought fancy pants. Got a tan. Back at TAFE. Stresses begun anew. Not looking forward to work on Wednesday.