Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Collect call from: "I'm not giving my name to a machine!"

New comics, once again.

Oh, and an afterthought: on the 4th of February, Tanja and I have been together for two years. In your face, doubters!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hey look.

Three new comics. I couldn't resist.

Also, Craig and I liberated a tennis ball from the slave courts of the Cleveland Street Park. Viva la rasa!

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Man, I'm up early.


Let's get random (in an Anna-like posting style. In your face miss_adventure!)!

I need a hat rack. Although, admittedly, we'd have no room in the apartment for it, the current state of affairs (balancing all 7 hats on top of the bookshelf) is not going to work well for long. Dust and things falling are becoming an issue.

I've made a Killers t-shirt, but have nowhere to put the girl silhouette. I've got the band name in the middle of the chest, and I don't know whether the girl should go on the front-shoulder-right/left, bottom hem right/left, back-bottom hem left/right or back middle centre.

I've rented Big Fish and I, Robot. Tell me right now if they are any good without revealing a single plot detail!

I'm downloading the Black Keys "thickfreakness" album for the second time.My first copy went to me Marketing Mix prof for educational purposes. Now I'm slightly bitter because after I burned it the first time, I deleted it off the harddrive. Oh well. Hooray for lack of download limitations.

One more point for the Cat Empire being inexorbitantly cool: on the "On The Attack" DVD, they play a French acoustic version of Hotel California with melodica accompanyment. And they make it sound good.

I think I'm going to start updating the comic once a week, one strip per week. this whole leaving-it-for-a-month-and-then-making-ten-comics-in-one-day thing has got to go. Of course, as I say this, I've just put up a crapload of new comics.

In Australia, laptop computers have a tendency to, on hot or humid days, overheat ridiculously fast and then shut themselves down.

Black cats look orange under sunlight.

And remember... you don't have to outrun the bear... you only have to outrun your friends.

Sunday, January 02, 2005


...from James' housewarming.

Catherine enjoys drinking in moderation.

Craig acting reasonable.

Bam! the Dog in a rare moment of stillness.

METAL! James and his new shirt.

Catherine siphons Ted's Coke supply when he's distracted by Val Kilmer as Madmartigan.

Catherine enjoys a honey sandwich, proving she exists on sugar alone. Ted stares balefully at Val for rejecting his advances.

Good God! It's Ted!

Guess who? Rah-ruuuu!

Nixon's back, baby!

I'm his friend, Jesus!

I've been told I do a decent Nixon. Not real-Nixon. Futurama-Nixon. And Ted can do Brannigan and Zoidberg. And Craig does Kif. A lot. And Tanja told one of her subordinates to bite her shiny metal ass.

We've all been infected.

Anyway, holiday wrap-up: Went up to Tanja's folks' place, drank too much, got swanky margarita glasses and recipes, Shrek 2 DVD, Powderfinger CD, Pratchett books, etc. Went to the Hunter Valley, bought wine. Must go back. Over-stayed welcome at TFP, got snippy with lovely girlfriend. Reconciled. Post-Christmas splurging. Got swanky jeans, deadly belt, new Converse shoes, Playstation game, new camera card, Get Fuzzy calender. Still waiting on Mom's box. Shut up. Her parcel. The CHRISTMAS parcel, you sick fuck. New Years fireworks, Ted and Craig came over, watched Animal House. TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

Tanja and I headed off to James' place yesterday and hung out with him and Ted and Craig and Catherine and Bam! the Dog. No, the exclamation mark is not a typo. This dog is a powderkeg of dogginess. We watch Willow, and we lent James Transformers and Ladyhawke so I could borrow 29 Days Later, Blade and Fight Club. Gotta love the barter system. Oh, and James lives in Newtown now! I know someone who doesn't live in the 'Burbs! Hurray!

There are still no potatoes. I may be forced to go and get some chips.

Flattery will get you flattened.

Tanja said nice things about me. And made me blush, damn her.

"He's a pretty great chappy, as you know, very endearing, and gorgeous when he pouts, adorable when he's hunted down a bargain and all pleased with himself (he's a cheapskate, first to admit it), and endearingly painful when you watch a movie with him and he pauses it to explain the backstory of what just went on there based on the comic, the directors cut, what IMDB or whatever said about it, or just to explain why he giggled at that point.

He also cooks a mean Penne Arrabiata, but you'd faint if you saw the kitchen after."

Grumble. Grumble. We're out of potatoes, and these pretzels are making me THIRSTY!