Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ok, ok, ok...

...I'll update, you whiny people you.

Yes, back from Canadia, after taking 9 planes and crossing over 19 time zones (I lost count) in two weeks, I have returned. I got to see my Dad, and my sisters and Mom too, and picked up some cool stuff (Futurama 2, 25th Hour, Blue Collar comedy tour, and a bunch of painting stuff among other things) and some not so cool stuff (Mom, those board shorts, what were you thinking?). I'm now trying to adjust to extreme jetlag, and getting back used to working (I realized I dislike people telling me what to do. Does that make me an anarchist?).

Anna! Nice to hear from you. Keep in touch more often, will you? By the way, I'm part of your cult now! Tanja got me a little green iPod.

As for Insprite, yeah, yeah, yeah... I'll update whenever. Quit buggin' me.