Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Nostalgia again (video games, though, not music)

After picking up a faulty Timesplitters2 disc from the video store, I got a credit for a free game rental. Against all odds I grabbed Virtua Fighter 4. Now, I owned Virtua Fighter 1 on Sega Saturn (and eventually Virtua Fighter 2, but I’ll get to that later) and I played the crap out of it. The graphics were shitty by today’s standards, but it was the first 3d fighting game, and also the first in a long time to involve no “magic” attacks. Yep, no fireballs or flying, just hard hitting, realistically portrayed martial arts moves. Fun freakin’ times. Later, I picked up Virtua Fighter 2 and never played the first one again. Same gameplay, MUCH improved graphics and the addition of Shun-di (an old drunken-style kung fu master, funny shit) and Lion, a cocky-as-hell French Praying Mantis style… guy, who rapidly became my new favourite.


New one. Graphics are Tekken-level, each character has several “stances” where the same combinations produce different attacks, and I am loving it. My thumb is hurting already and it’s only been a day. Plus they’ve added a Shaolin monk guy who doesn’t attack much. He lets you attack, then deflects it and hurts you. A lot. Although there is a downside. The graphics got better, but the bottom dropped out on the vocal work. Lion sounds like Wheelie for Transformers, or Igner, Mom’s youngest son from Futurama. Did you lot learn nothing from SSX Tricky? At least bring in Bif Naked, David Arquette and Billy Zane to record!

But I can put up with it to watch Lion leap onto someone’s back, strike their eyes, throat, and break their neck.

What?!? I’m portraying my geek status for all to see!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Reposted from a comment in Caz's blog, and inspired by Tanja's The-Models-inspired rambling...

"I'm going to buck the trend... and talk not about evil people, but about my an-again-off-again love affair with Green Day. Yeah.

The first album I ever bought with my own money was Dookie, by Green Day. And as you do at thirteen, you memorize every track. I recall attempting to drum along to Burnout, and tiring the crap out of my weedy little arms (call Tre Cool unfancy if you like, but for a non-metal and non-Neal Pert-drummer, the bastard isquick.) I had taped tapes of my friends' Kerplunk and 1033 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours. I snapped up Insomniac right away, and did likewise (Brain Stew-Jaded forshadowing my love of songs that switch styles smoothly). Unfortunately, I hit a poor streak shortly before Nimrod came out, so couldn't buy it. My flatmate in the twelfth grade had it, so I didn't stress, but I had broken my Green Day buying streak. I watched Warning go by, though I heard the singles on the radio, and scoffed at International Superhits as a money-grab (I hate greatest hits compilations with no new material, except "poprocks and coke" and "maria"), until American Idiot came out. I had downloaded the title track, and thought it not bad, and then badgered Tanja to get it with her staff discount. Of course, Borders being bastards who raise prices, it was still too much, discount included, for a casual buy. Spotted it at Fish Records, snapped it up, and loved it immediately. Stand-out tracks: Boulevard of Broken Dreams (I know it's been played to death, but I like it, damnit), and especially Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming (I have a weakness for Broadway-musical-type style changes. I blame Mom forcing me to listen to Les Miserables when I was young). This album actually makes me wish I could still sing along with Billie Joe (stupid hormones) without my voice breaking.

Now, I know Green Day aren't considered cool anymore (I don't buy all this "yer-a-sell-out-i-you-can-sing-AND-afford-a-meal" garbage), but I likes them. I actually snagged Nimrod for $9.95 at JB two days ago while buying the new Flogging Molly album (which Borders said wasn't distributed in Australia. HA! Gout la lime!).

The second week I was at Borders, a harried looking Westie Mom type came bustling in holding a little girl and a giant Boost Juice and corralled me while shelving and asked for the new Good Charlotte album. I pointed her in the right direction, and returned to shelving. She found it, came back to me, holding Green Day's Insomniac album and asking "Is this the new one?" I chuckled and said, "Well, no. The new one is American Idiot, although this is a decent one. Who's it for? Are they after a certain track, or anything by this band." She looked offended (sorry, honey, you don't look like the Berkeley Punk type with your stretch pants and puffa jacket), and said "It's for my thirteen-year-old son." I found her American Idiot, though sent her off with a strong recommendation for the band.

It was only after she left that it hit me that the first CD I'd just recommended to a thirteen-year-old a CD by the band who made the first CD I'd ever bought as a thirteen-year-old. I felt ancient. Old. But also kind of cool that the cycle of rock was rolling on. Heh. Ok, that last line was a bit cheesy.

Whew. Didn't mean to write this much. Actually, I may put this into my Blog as a new entry. Hooray for lazy!"

And I did! I am Lazy-Man! Fear my wrath!

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Guh. Ogg Tired.

Stocktake last night. 6 pm to 4:15 am. Lots of looking at small numbers on stickers, much Red Bull and Pepsi to stayy awake. Finished off night by lifting boxes of CDs. Ouch. Came home just ten minutes before Tanja was to get up to go to work. Fell asleep. Slept til 12:35. Still tired. Guh.