Thursday, October 20, 2011


Batman still takes up too much of the screen!
I still suck at stealth!
Cat woman is nothing but cat-based puns and overwrought sexual innuendo!
10 minutes in and again I'm wandering around a room without enemies looking for a damn bullet hole in Detective Mode!

I will push on, but... What if I don't like this game?


Klaatu said...

It's a great game, but it's an iterative sequel. It's a polished version of the last game, and if you didn't like that one then it's not likely that your opinion will be that different this time around.

That said, the first forensic bit is way too early to give up. Have you started picking fights with random gangers? The combat is super fun.

Lucas said...

I love the combat! So much so that when I blew my stealth bit & landed amongst an entire courtroom of goons, I was having a great time. I think what I find frustrating about the forensic stuff is (like with the first forensic bit in the first game) poring over every reflection in the floor and the wall, and every little bit trying to find e one bit that'll left me open the damned door & move on. I feel like I'm in a game from the 90s where I can't find the door to get out so I'm pressing decorative bits of wall and blowing up random consoles looking for a hidden door.

Aussie on the Road said...

I'm going to 'legally acquire over the internet' the game when I get back from vacation. I guess I should play Asylum first though.