Saturday, October 08, 2011

Cover Versions: Jerkass Chicken

Hey, you know that video I did before that I got such lovely feedback from @tifalna & @hulahoney about?

Well I did another one. In fact, I'm thinking of making a series. So behold! I present Cover Versions. My take on established recipes in my own way.

(now updated with full 1080p HD. Stupid Youtube) So here's my question. If I want to do this on a regular basis, how should I proceed? Should I get my own site just for Cover Versions? A domain? A Squarespace?A Youtube Channel? Please leave a comment if you have ideas. Or if you like things.

1 comment:

Dooga said...

I like these. Although, Series-wise, its a good concept. Although some presenting to camera at the start and at the end might be a nice touch.

Maybe try aiming for a semi-regular (monthly?) podcast-thingy.